CrossPawsK9 Dog Training Services

CrossPawsK9 Dog Training Services


Discover CrossPawsK9: Your Dog's Training Haven

Dog Training Services and Behavior Correction

CrossPawsK9 provide individual (one on one) and small groups training on dog psychology, dog behavior correction and dog obedience training for all breeds and size dogs.

Fun Learning for Your Pups

                          > Dog Behavioral Assessment; 

                            > Dog Obedience Training (we train puppy, adolescent, adulthood and senior dogs); 

                            > Dog Socializing; 

                            > Dog Aggression Rehabilitation;

                            > Micro Courses for dogs and puppy

                            Miso was only 8 weeks (Board & Train - Puppy Obedience Training)

                            Miso was only 8 weeks (Board & Train - Puppy Obedience Training)

                            Building Bonds with Your Canine Companion

                            Our Courses are perfect for Puppy’s first learning; New to training and lacking manners or terrible teens; Have had some basic obedience command training and have some good social manners, but needed improving manners at home and in public places. 

                            Rehabilitation for stubborn and aggressive dogs to other dogs and people. Dogs with specific behavioral issues and pet’s owner not able to control over his pets. 

                            Most important, our training is designed to BUILD LEADERSHIP between YOUR DOG and YOU, which is why we don't use food or toys during obedience training.

                            An investment you make today will lead to a lifetime of good companionship for you with your dog. To be a responsible dog owner, start training your puppy at a young age; correct any bad behaviour when it starts to show; and prevent your dog from becoming aggressive towards people, things, or anything. 

                            Enhancing Canine Behavior and Obedience

                            Similar to most behavioral concerns in dogs, such as hyperactivity, chewing on things, biting, snapping, whining, barking, and growling at the owner during meals (which is a display of protective behaviour over food, treats, or food bowls).

                            Both puppies and dogs can be taught to obey their owners' commands and learn to walk side by side with their parents in a graceful and calm manner.

                            The difference can be seen after just one session of behavioural and obedience training with our expert.

                            Our dog training services range from house calls to dog boarding with training services for both puppies and adult dogs.

                            Our training services for dogs and puppies are available in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and the surrounding areas from our base in Puchong.

                            Expert Dog Trainer Credentials

                            Aston (our dog trainer) has more than five years experience in dog training in Malaysia, and is passionate about training dogs. He managed all the training personally (from the start of the course to the end) and put in the extra hours in handling aggressive and socializing dogs. 

                            He has completed a comprehensive dog training program locally and an assessment by the US knowledge base for professional dog training. He also holds an Australian Animal Care Veterinary Certificate.

                            Qualifications Attained : 2021-2023

                            Foundation Certificate in Veterinary Assisting for Animal Handling & Transport, Health & Safety at Work, Anatomy & Physiology, Nursing the Veterinary Patient, Small Animal Nutrition, and Sustainability Work Practices from The Australian College of Veterinary Nursing, Australia.

                            ACMGAS307 Identify animal anatomy and physiology for animal care work; ACMSUS201 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices at UQ Skills, Registered Training Organization, The University of Queensland, Australia.

                            Certificate in CPDT-KA Test Preparation Course. Areas of study: Instructional Skills; Animal Husbandry; Ethology; Learning Theory - a. Classical Conditioning, b. Training Problems, c. Environment Management; and Equipment from The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT).

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