CrossPawsK9 Dog Training Services

CrossPawsK9 Dog Training Services


Our Facilities for Animals Boarding, Pets Safety and Health

CrossPawsK9 - Dogs Boarding

CrossPawsK9 - Dogs Boarding

Dog Boarding Services for All Breeds and Sizes

Pets Boarding with FREE weekly bath (shampoo, towel/blow dry and comb only) are available for all dogs with booking for 5 - 7 days. 

For small or medium-sized dogs, your pet will be accommodated indoors and sectioned out of the house area.

For medium or large-sized dogs, your pet will be assigned a crate. The crate is shaded outside with a cooler / fan and is large enough for the dog to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably.

Animals are let loose to play and roam freely 6 - 7 times in a day. 

Pet food (kibbles or cans) and shampoo to be provided by the owner.

Optional add-on can be included in the package including:

  • Basic Dog and Puppy Obedience Training;
  • Micro Courses;
  • Dog Aggressive Behavioral Handlings;
  • Dog Walking; 
  • Dog Grooming 

High-Quality Dog Crates and Kennels for Boarding

Our animal boarding facilities, we maintain our care standards, which includes using newly upgraded crates made of high-quality 304 stainless steel

The crates have been enhanced to offer ample comfort and provide your dog with a cosy space to rest and relax during dog obedience training and aggression rehabilitation with us. 

Always keeping in mind the safety and hygiene of your dog and puppy, you can be sure of your pet’s safety and hygiene like at home, especially during teething and bite issues. 

Our pet's boarding environment emulates your home when away from home for your pet companion. 

No over-crowding [ ❌ ]

No shared water bowls & pee trays [ ❌ ]

No diapers requirement [ ❌ ]

Personal crate or space allocated [ ✅ ]

24 hours CCTV monitoring [ ✅ ]

Peace of mind for owners [ ✅ ]

CrossPawsK9 Crates for dog boarding

CrossPawsK9 Crates for dog boarding

Dog Crates are Safe, Clean & Comfy

Dog Crates are Safe, Clean & Comfy

Our dog crates are spacious with good airflow, good outside view, and are conducive for dog/puppy interaction.

Our dog crates are spacious with good airflow, good outside view, and are conducive for dog/puppy interaction.

Small breeds and puppies, boarding indoors.

Small breeds and puppies, boarding indoors.

Top Priority: Pet Safety and Health at Our Boarding Facility

For the safety and health of your pet and other animals in boarding homes, we require that:

1) An updated vaccine and puppies must have completed their vaccination 14 days prior to the start of the course;

2) Free of any health problems that may be infectious or affect the well-being of the dog and other dogs in boarding homes;

3) Inform the trainer in advance if the dogs are likely to become aggressive towards other dogs or people. E.g. Bites family members and other animals. If your dog is known to be aggressive, it may be necessary to conduct an assessment before booking for boarding.

4) A current dog license issued by the local council.

5) Tick & Flea Prevention and deworm at least 48 hours from checkin date.

Pets Boarding Packages

A. Boarding with Dog Training Package 

This option is most popular for owner with little time going through the whole house-call training diligently with us due work or other commitment. CrossPawsK9 trainer will complete the dog training program on your behalf and guide you at the end of the course. Boarding with training inclusive of:

  • Daily dog training (Mon-Sat)
  • Complimentary boarding for 3 weeks (+/- 3 days)
  • Complimentary daily dog walking
  • Weekly basic bath (shampoo, towel/blow dry & comb only)
  • Weekly training progress with photo or video report
  • Post-training WhatsApp  support; and 
  • One (1) complimentary house visit

A minimal fee is chargeable for boarding amenities and transportation pick-up and drop-off.

B. Boarding Only Package (5 days, 7 days, & 14 days)

  • Daily boarding (based on number of days)
  • Complimentary daily dog walking 
  • Weekly basic bath (shampoo, towel/blow dry & comb only)
  • Weekly photo or video report
  • A minimal fee is chargeable for transportation pick-up and drop-off.

Optional add-on :-

  • 1-4 Micro Courses
  • Aggressive Behavioral Handlings
  • Dog Walking
  • Dog Grooming 

C. Maintenance Package

  • Repeat and reinforcement training 
  • Available for house call and boarding

Essential Hygiene Care for Dogs and Puppies

For hygiene care, do checkout our Dog Extra-Care Service during boarding.

- Daily Dog Eye, Oral & Ear Cleaning 

- Daily Dog Paws Cleaning

- Daily Dog Body Care with Pet Bacteriostatic Deodorizing Spray

- Dog Spots Spray; to reduce pain, itching & inflammation