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17 Jan 2024

WOW Customers’ Experiences

Our goal is to share the positive impact CrossPawsK9 dog obedience training, dog socialization, and aggression rehabilitation services can have on our customers and pets' lives.

Having recently worked with Aston, our dedicated trainer at Crosspaws K9 Dog Training, I must say it was an extraordinary experience. With his patience and expertise, he guided us through the process of training our puppy with unwavering support and encouragement. As novice pet owners, we initially felt overwhelmed, but Aston's consistent advice and teachings empowered us to understand and communicate effectively with our puppy. Following his carefully crafted training regimen, we have witnessed remarkable progress in addressing our puppy's issues with pulling on the leash, aggressive behavior, and excessive barking.

Thanks to Aston's guidance, our puppy's behavior has improved significantly in various challenging situations. We've seen a notable improvement in her pulling on the leash during walks, and while her aggressive behavior has slightly reduced, and her excessive barking has become much less frequent and intense, we acknowledge there is still work to be done in this two areas.

Aston's methods not only address these behavioral issues but also foster a stronger bond between us and our puppy. Besides, Aston is incredibly kind-hearted! Even when we texted him late at night, he replied immediately. It was truly touching~ We highly recommend Aston to anyone seeking effective and top-notch training for their puppy. With his expertise, patience, dedication, and genuine love for dogs, Aston at Crosspaws K9 Dog Training is truly the ideal choice for nurturing a loving and well-behaved companion.
The trainer, Aston is so dedicated and patience in training our fur baby. As a first time owner, we know nothing about training and understanding our puppy but with constance advices and teaching, both our fur baby and us ace greatly in living together under the same roof.

We followed every single steps Aston taught us and we are happy with our puppy's behavior. He is so independent now and most importantly, he is able to potty on his own at a designated place anytime he wants it. This is the greatest blessing as he is now able to roam around the house without us worry about his potty's habit. Strongly suggest anyone who wants an obedient and loving puppy to look for Aston for the advices. Crosspaws K9 Dog Training
27 Mar 2024
What is stopping you from educating your dog aside from excuses?

What is stopping you from educating your dog aside from excuses?