CrossPawsK9 Dog Training Services

CrossPawsK9 Dog Training Services


Online Courses for Puppy and Dog Behavioral Concerns

Solve Your Puppy and Dog Problems with Our Online Courses

  • Pulling on leash during on a walk?
  • Nipping a lot on your hand?
  • Jumping too much on you or your visitor?
  • Not able to potty at a located area?
  • Chewing and biting everything?

Our online dog training courses are designed to provide you with the time and space you need to thoroughly explore a subject and master a specific skill to tackle your puppy and dog problems.

Our courses consist of on-demand videos, exercises, and unlimited WhatsApp chats support, making it easy for you to progress at your own pace.

What do YOU get?

  • 5+ Easy-to-Follow Steps: Actual Real-Life Video Tutorial
  • No treat/food/toy required 
  • 1-on-1 WhatsApp guide from Lead Trainer
  • Multiple choice questionnaires to make sure you understand

Online dog training courses available :-

  1. Potty training - RM 350
  2. Leash pulling - RM 250
  3. Jumping behavior - RM 250
  4. Nipping behavior - RM 250
  5. Bite objects - RM 300

For a minimal fee, you can also add a single lesson (45-60 minutes) of house-call training in your online course. Our 1-on-1 personal dog trainer is available for RM 150 - RM 250 per lesson, depending on your location.

And what's even better is that we will give you a refund of RM 50 when you successfully complete the course. 

All you need to do is capture a video of your puppy or dog learning good behavior, write a review, and post it on our blog.

Ready to start?