CrossPawsK9 Dog Training Services

CrossPawsK9 Dog Training Services


Discover Why CrossPawsK9 Stands Out!

Why choose us and what is different about us compare to others?

  • We WILL help you to solve your puppy or dog issues.
  • Our training does NOT rely on treats or toys.
  • We guide pet parents on HOW to lead their dog and applying the proper correction to help your dog understand faster.
  • We WILL teach you HOW to establish a great leadership between you and your dog.
  • You want your dog to RESPOND and RESPECT you more, right?.
  • You need our professional help, right?

Are your training results guaranteed?

We do not guarantee a specific outcome, but if you ACTUALLY put in some time and effort to work with your dog, follow our trainer’s EXACT steps and guidance, it WILL result in a pleasant and joyful companion for you and your pet.

Does your training required crazy long hours?

Every dog is different but there is no point in training for straight 2 hours or longer if your dog's brain is shutting down, it is not going to work effectively. On average 30-45 minutes on a daily basis to be split between morning and evening. You are not that busy, right?

We have clients telling us "We do not even have 30 minutes to spend with our dog due to busy scheduling on a daily basis!". Well if that's the case, you shouldn't even own a dog in the first place.

Will my dog revert back to his old habits after training?

Our trainer will always emphasize on what could potentially bring back your dog's old behaviour. However, if you decide to do what you have been doing just like before even hiring us for help, it is no surprise that their old behaviour will come back and you have yourselves to blame for that.

How long for each training session?

Average 45-60 minutes for each training session for once a week with our trainer for maximum efficiency. 

What is the cost?

Price will be varied base on your dog breed and package you are interested in. 

For a quote request, please provide some information about your dog. 

  1. Pet’s details - Name, Breed, Age & Gender
  2. Your Location / Suburb (e.g. Cheras, Subang Jaya, Mont Kiara KL, etc.)
  3. Has your dog ever growled, snipped, or bitten anyone for any reason?
  4. How does your dog respond to new people in the home?
  5. What would you like to accomplish through training with us?

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