CrossPawsK9 Dog Training Services

CrossPawsK9 Dog Training Services


Common Problems You Are Facing With Your Dog

Having a headache with your dog?

                          • Does not obey you?
                          • Pulling on leash during on a walk?
                          • Nipping a lot on your hand?
                          • Jumping too much on you or your visitor?
                          • Disregard your command when distracted by visitors or other dogs?
                          • Aggressive towards someone or any other dogs?
                          • Too afraid of your aggressive dog?
                          • Not able to potty at a located area?
                          • Refusing to walk while on a leash?
                          • Separation anxiety?
                          • Not able to socialise well in public area regardless with dog or human?
                          • Barking excessively?
                          • Something else......?

                            Wait no more. If you seek help early, the problem can be resolved more quickly.

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